Yogurt crafted for your health

Cascade Culture is on Hiatus until 2018

Simple fruit and good-for-you ingredients create a clean, fresh taste loved by generations. EIGHT health-enhancing PROBIOTICS. 
Billions of cultures in every cup. GRASS-FED cows' milk. NO CANE SUGAR. Sweetened with fruit juice & nothing else.
Cascade Culture is the best probiotic yogurt on the market.


Our yogurt features a clean label, premium probiotic profile, grass-fed milk and commitment to food integrity.
Cascade Culture is among the best, healthiest probiotics yogurts on the market. 
Because our probiotics are gently handled and cultured-in-the-cup, there are more live, active cultures in every creamy spoonful.

With over 120 BILLION cultures (CFUs or colony-forming units) in every cup, we are among the top sources of probiotics on the market today.

Generations of CFFs (Cascade Fresh Fans) recognize the Cascade Fresh taste profile, from grandparents to kids. Now, as Cascade Culture, each cup is even healthier with more probiotics and grass-fed milk. 

Most CFFs claim that the main reasons they buy the brand is because it has no cane sugar, is higher in probiotics, and tastes great.  See our Customer Wall for a collection of comments. 

Only quality ingredients are used in our yogurt. Our clean label appeals to a broad array of consumers with a short label of ingredients you can understand.