Supporting local artists


Cascade Mountains meet fresh, nature

Alisa Lahti's artwork is created using intricate, hand cut paper often layered or combined with other mixed media elements.

Keeping traditions alive, Alisa captures the historic legacy of Cascade Fresh's founders along with the new life of the yogurt's second life as Cascade Culture. 

Alisa Lahti, 2016

Steve Ball, Roadshow

Steve Ball, Roadshow


Seattle artist, Steve Ball has generously supplied music to Cascade Culture's audio canvas. Guitarist and overall musician, he is known for his work with Robert Fripp.

Besides playing in Fripp's band, he also has helped design King Crimson's artwork. He also founded the Seattle Circle, a nonprofit organization that sponsors music workshops, seminars, and concerts in the Puget Sound area.

Steve has been a generous supporter. Thanks Steve!