We're the "every day Ellenos" and the "arisan Activia"

Two great products sit side-by-side:  Ellenos and Cascade Culture.  

The "every day Ellenos", Cascade Culture.  

The "every day Ellenos", Cascade Culture.  

For those days when you want to splurge, reach for decadent Ellenos and treat yourself.  For every day health, grab Cascade Culture for a fraction of the calories (and cost). 

Some consider both yogurts a part of their lives, so when someone called Cascade Culture their "Every day Ellenos" we thought that should stick.  

Let's also mention the other yogurt on the shelf that is produced mainly for health - Activia.  Some say we are the "Artisan Activia" with more varieties of cultures (8 vs. 4) and a higher grade of ingredients (grass-fed milk, real fruit bits, and minimal processing "cultured-in-the-cup").  

We're typically the same price or a few cents below other artisan yogurts on the shelf but we don't compete with the yogurts that some describe as "a-cup-of-sugar".  We think you deserve more than that.  

Thanks for clarifying super-fans!  

Stir well and carry on!  



Kris Fuehr