Campus Chefs Superheros


I've met with an assortment of executive chefs from corporate campuses who are leading a remarkable trend to bring health to employees (whether they know it or not).

Some chefs are somewhat private, but the type of amazing feats they are pulling off include in-house hydroponic farms in the very buildings they occupy; fresh herbs on rooftops, and deep relationships with local farmers to bring local, sustainable food.

Not only does this bring more productivity to campuses, but it can save on healthcare costs.  Feeding healthy options to employees may happen subtly and may even be a thankless job day-to-day, but the long term outcomes may not only save hours and dollars, but lives.

If you visit these campuses, remember that even the infused water has specially-picked fruit and vegetables prepared with love and care. 

If you work for one of these corporations (you know who you are), salute your campus chef, leading a wonderful cause!  

Kris Fuehr