Health: It’s all about the gut!

You almost can’t avoid the glut of gut health articles surfacing these days.  We are learning the relationship between our guts and health at a RAPID rate.  In 2012, there were only a couple hundred research articles on the subject.  Last year?  7,100 and growing! 

We’re glad everyone is beginning to understand that ALL BACTERIA IS NOT BAD.  To the contrary, we NEED it to stay alive.  We predict a healthier future with this knowledge! 

Several thought leaders go so far as to say that gut health is linked to virtually every system in our bodies:

  • Production of hormones, vitamins & neurotransmitters
  • Immune system regulation
  • Mood behavior; circadian rhythm regulation
  • Regulation of appetite
  • Addiction

[Source: 2016 Dr. Natasha Campbell]     

Common sense supports the thought that our bodies need diverse exposure to good bacteria from a variety of sources.  The goal is to consume an array of foods that will help build gut diversity.  This may mean eating yogurt PLUS sauerkraut*, fermented cheese, and kombucha in your diet.  In yogurt, the cultures eat lactose.  Soil or plant-based probiotics are different than dairy-based probiotics.

While the trend is around probiotics, we have ALWAYS had the widest array of cultures with 8 selected varieties (for health) and billions in every cup. 

We might look back some day, smile, and say, “Gosh, remember germaphobia, antibiotic prescriptions for viruses, and hand sanitizer?”  Silly us! 


(*we recommend Seattle’s-own Firefly Kitchens for yummy, probiotic-rich fermented vegetables) 

Kris Fuehr