Our Culture Count Report Card

We beat a billion! 

Our report card has come in for the cup count of cultures which has exceeded 3 billion per cup.  We had hoped to exceed a billion. 

While you can buy probiotic supplements in capsule form, what's more fun that making yummy yogurt your vessel of choice? 

Plus, the probiotics in our yogurt are live and active, feeding on the yogurt itself as a food source (for happy cultures).

While we're on the topic, here's a little trivia: In many probiotics, you’ll see strains that begin with Ls and Bs, like Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. L strains tend to be native to the small intestine (think L for little).  The B strains tend to be found in the large intestine (B for Big) or colon.

Take a look at our cultures and see how many Ls and Bs we've orchestrated for a nicely balanced collection of cultures (7 in fact!) and one extra strain for kids!  (B. infantis). 

Kris Fuehr