It's Starting: The Food Industry's Biggest Move to Real Health

When mainstream brands like Kraft, Panera, Chipotle and even McDonalds start to talk about ways to trim preservatives, GMOs, and unnatural ingredients then you know it's getting real. 

"We want something quick but we don't want to eat trash" is the current market sentiment. 

There is finally a breakthrough -- from consumer advocates like Food Babe and consumers using their purchase power to vote for healthier options, they're driving demand for Whole Food-like offerings -- saying that they're even willing to pay a little more for real food with integrity. 

We believe the timing of this evolution lines up nicely with our return to the market. 

Founded by someone we think is a visionary, Cascade Fresh was ahead of its time in the natural food movement.  It was among the first natural food yogurts to tiptoe into mainstream grocers, driven by customer demand.  The first grocers to pick it up took a risk back then and were rewarded with a brand that became popular with, well, you. 

Kris Fuehr