The Pantry Grand Opening, Olympia

We kicked off the grand opening of The Pantry in Olympia.  The Pantry is a KickStarter business that was funded by the community to bring artisan food to Olympia.

Tenants at the new 222 Market serve bone broth, gelato, oysters, crepes, gin and more.  The Pantry, owned by Casondra and her husband, Chef Kevin Gerlich, focuses on fresh goods and divine things that you'd find in the pantry.

Casondra has a strong sense of design and display so her input into our new packaging was very helpful.  Thanks Casondra. 

We think this is a model of stores yet to come.  The Pantry even has our 32 oz plain tubs which we only ran in small batches -- and they are on sale!

Visit them at 222 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA 

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Kris Fuehr