Our Culture Count Report Card

With over 120 BILLION cultures (CFUs or colony-forming units) in every cup, we are among the top sources of probiotics on the market today.  Including most probiotic supplements!

Kris Fuehr
Campus Chefs Up the Game

Executive Chefs tend to be private, but they are heroic.  The type of amazing feats they are pulling off include in-house hydroponic farms in the very buildings they occupy; fresh herbs on rooftops, and deep relationships with local farmers to bring local, sustainable food.  Youmay not even know it, but they are saving lives one day at a time.  

Kris Fuehr
What's cool about nannies

Nannies bring a fresh perspective to families.  They do their homework to find the best activities, materials, and foods for their clients.  Families with open minds can learn a lot from nannies, so we are honored to be a sponsor at the 2017 National Nanny Training in Seattle.  Looking forward to sharing our good news about our yogurt and probiotics just for kids! 

Kris Fuehr
Health: It’s all about the gut!

You almost can’t avoid the glut of gut health articles surfacing these days.  We are learning the relationship between our guts and health at a RAPID rate.  In 2012, there were only a couple hundred research articles on the subject.  Last year?  7,100 and growing! 

We’re glad everyone is beginning to understand that ALL BACTERIA IS NOT BAD.  To the contrary, we NEED it to stay alive.  We predict a healthier future with this knowledge! 

Several thought leaders go so far

Kris Fuehr