Many Generations. Many impressions.

Cascade Fresh Fans (CFFs) were the ones to discover our yogurt and recognize its quality. 
Here are a few things they had to say: 

No other brand will do!! 
So excited to see it's coming back!!
i feel like the world is upside down without Cascade Fresh. Love your perseverance.  I'm bummed the market is swamped with Greek yogurt. There's nothing better than Cascade Fresh. There is no substitute (believe me I've tried everything)
We miss Cascade Fresh!! Cherry Vanilla was the bomb!
Great product!#!!!
I stopped buying yogurt when Cascade Fresh was gone.  All the others have sugar in them. 
I purchased from Good Earth stores, but would go anywhere to get it again. 
Love, love, love Cascade Fresh--Eat anytime, including dessert.


Please come back! 
Really missing your yogurt
There is no yogurt better than Cascade fresh. Please bring it back soon!
Please bring it back! We need it in Minnesota. Also, Cherry Vanilla is my favorite! Add Grape Nuts to your yogurt and you have a meal!
I have bought and used only Cascade Fresh yogurt for years. I have been looking for this product for quite some time. I usually buy it from Good Earth Health Food Store in Provo, UT. Just the other day I asked them to order some for me. They said they wanted to sell them again and would see if they could find out if they could. If Cascade Fresh is now available, please let them know.
Thank you very much for bringing Cascade Fresh back on the market. I am so looking forward to purchasing Cascade Fresh Yogurt again!!!
I miss it very much. The sugar content was not as high as most of the yogurts on the market.
The best single serving yogurt, sweetened with fruit juice, fruit on the bottom, low fat! I am so tired of greek yogurt that is all you can buy in stores anymore. So boring! Bring your yogurt back ASAP!
Miss the yogurt. Was wondering why I couldn't find it anymore
Please hurry!

I did ask at my grocer, last year, about Cascade Fresh.  My kids and I were just lamenting its demise.  I hope you'll be back soon!

I really liked your vanilla cherry.

I miss your yogurt terribly!

...miss it!

I am so excited that Cascade Fresh may make a come back. No other yogurt like it.
I have truly missed your yogurt. I have found nothing that comes close to your recipe. I love that it is not as sweet as the others and I am so hoping to find it is stores soon. Thank you.

I really miss your yogurt!  I like the fruit on the bottom so I can mix it my way.  Don't like too sweet blended yogurt. Also I'm interest in trying the new whole milk yogurt.

 I didn't know you had closed, but I really miss your yogurt. It is the only one I have ever found that is truly healthy. No others have as many of the cultures, they all have sugar in them. I used to make my own, but I am real strongly pushing 80 and just can't do it anymore. Miss you so much!

SO glad to hear you're coming back. Cascade is the very best! 

I am a huge fan of your product & am soooo happy you'll be back on the shelves

Wall of fame:

This image came to us from Dennis J. who attached this note:
Attached, please find a copy of a picture taken in July of 2013 that reflects my fondness for Cascade Fresh Yogurt.
The image depicts a portion of my collection of Cascade Fresh Yogurt containers. It was originally emailed to the Refrigerated Foods Manager at Mother's Market in Brea, CA., after he requested that I call a couple of days ahead, so he could order an extra case of your product for me. Funny, how people notice when someone visits their store twice a month and raids their refrigerator for every last tub of Cascade Fresh on the shelf. At the time the picture was taken, I was regularly purchasing about six 4 pound containers of Fat Free Plain Yogurt each month and sampling smaller containers of flavoured yogurt.
It really is the very best yogurt and I am delighted to hear it will be available once again.
Kind Regards,  DJ

I love your yogurt and have been sad without it.  :( 
come back, come back......come back, come back......
SO excited you are coming back!!!
Your yogurt, sweetened with juice, is the mosthealthy I've ever found. Please come back on the market!
I have missed your yogurt!  Interesting about whole milk.  I prefer non-fat but my main concern right now is sugar.  I wouldn't want too much added sugar.
Herbalicious Everything Nutritious    Orange creme is my favorite flavor
Come back soon...we miss you....  :(
Bring it back, I loved it - never bought anything else!
Thank you for bringing it back.  It is the best yougurt and i haven't found another brand I like.
Love the nonfat.  It is only 3 points plus on Weight Watchers, and it is so superior to any other yogurt.  I am so looking forward to this, as right now I no longer eat the yogurt. I can currently buy.  I will not eat yogurt that is sweetened with the fake sugar! 
Please hurry.
I hate carageenen and all the other non-food additives of every other yogurt on the market!!!
I miss Marionberry so much, there is simply no other yogurt like Cascade Fresh available!
miss your great product
I keep on going back expecting to see it on shelves so looked it up online and saw you closed. Best tasting yogurt. The other brands are gross.

I will be absolutely delighted to see my favorite yogurt back in the stores!!
i also liked blackberry and boysenberry.  so excited you are coming back, i cant find any other brand of yogurt i like!
Please return. I have provided your yogurt to my family for many years...
Would you special order the Apple for me? Love and miss your yogurt SO much!!!!
loved it and hope to see it back soon....
I really liked the fruit juice sweetened feature...haven't found any other yogurt like that...Cascade Fresh Greek style would be awesome!
Can't wait for CascadeFresh to reappear on the shelves. Haven't found a suitable replacement since you closed down.

Thanks for making the best yogurt on the market!



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