Strength in adversity

Every day we are exposed to elements bent on tearing us down.

Every day we have the choice to stockpile the strength to resist, even thrive, in this environment. 

When we are proactive, we stay ahead, we build reinforcements. 

Within our gut, we have a powerful arsenal of symbiotic bacteria fighting the good fight. 

Diversity and strength are key.  What's inside must be functional, productive and plentiful. 

We chose our probiotic profile with these principles in mind. 

EIGHT varieties.  BILLIONS of cultures in every cup. 

Each culture variety chosen for its unique strength and resilience.

Cultured-in-the-cup means that our probiotics are less disturbed and able to produce colonies of strength in the form of LIVE, ACTIVE cultures. 

All good things for your body. 

Be strong.  Be prosilient. 

Download the Guide to Being More Prosilient. 

Download the Guide to Being More Prosilient


  1. Replenish your probiotics every day.  Whether you choose to eat or pop your probiotics, feed your gut.  One Cascade Culture Yogurt per day or probiotics capsules will supplement your microbiome. 
    Capsules vs. Yogurt - which do you prefer? 
  2. Eat 3 whole foods every day. The complexity of digestive interactions within whole foods will never be fully replicated in processed foods.  Give your body at least three whole foods every day.   
  3. Sweat 3 times a week (with weights).  Many studies point to the power of exercise to strengthen your immune system and ability to heal.  Supplementing cardio (even for a short time) with weights will reinforce your frame for the long run. 
  4. Breathe!  Exhale to relax your mind and body.  Studies have found that Americans are "on" and need to signal to their body that they are at rest.  You may choose to meditate, but even if you don't, focus on at least 15 big exhales (hold for 5 seconds out) each day. 
  5. Forgive and forget.  Don't carry your troubles for long.  Researchers point to anxiety and negative thinking as a core trigger for illness and chronic problems.  Everyone experiences stress and tough times, but "put your behind in your past" and let it FUEL you.  Move into the sunny side, briskly.